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An Interview with Dr Ayodele Oni; partner Bloomfield law practice, over his two recent groundbreaking books.

1. May we meet you Sir? I am Ayodele Oni, a commercial lawyer with expertise in energy (oil, gas and electric power) law and policy. I am also a Partner and the chair of the energy practice group at Bloomfield Law Practice. Further, I teach law at the Center for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law, University of Ibadan Nigeria. I…

Opportunities for Women within the Sustainable Energy Sector

This session seeks to promote women empowerment in the energy sector. According to the lead speaker & president of GWNET (Global Women’s Network, Amb. Irene Giner-Reichl, “women should be given an equal opportunity with men to participate in, and support the clean energy economy which she believes would help in building back better after COVID 19. In this session, you…

Overview of Policy and Regulatory Challenges – A Catalyst for Growth, Investment & Employment

This session discusses the policies and regulatory challenges around the renewable energy use. Policies and regulations have been made, but however, the problem lies majorly in implementation. So, the big question is: which framework can be put in place to ensure proper implementation of policies and regulations of renewable energy use? This session is powered by Foundation Chambers

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