Collaboration Announcement

Equipping a green economy is paramount to African nations meeting the UN SDG7. Our belief at ReEnergy Africa is that capacity building is one of the key factors for accelerating the SDG7 of affordable, reliable and sustainable clean energy in Africa.

We are excited to announce that ReEnergy Africa have entered into a collaboration agreement with one of the leading international providers for training and capacity building on renewable energy and energy efficiency – Renewables Academy (RENAC), under which both organizations will work together to advance renewable energy capacity development at a faster pace and scale up expertise in Africa.

ReEnergy Africa and RENAC are giving A ONE YEAR ACADEMIC SESSION DISCOUNTS VOUCHER to the First 500 participants register at the 2nd Annual ReEnergy Africa Summit 2021 get 15% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT to study any course at Renewables Academy RENAC.

Please note that we can offer the following discounts:

1. 20% discount for ReEnergy Africa Members
2. 20% discount for ReEnergy Africa Partners and Sponsors
3. 20% Gender in Renewables
4. 15% for each institution sending more than three participant


For further information about Collaboration/Sponsorship and Registration
Call: +234 810 114 7576 | +234 817 312 0228 | +1 (310) 735-3981 Email: Cc

We are better Together. #AFRICAFirst.

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Albrecht Tiedemann Bankole Cardoso Angelina Galiteva Accenture Department for International Trade (DIT) Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) Maame Boateng
Lina Abusetta Daniel Kitwa, ACCA Michael Ginsberg, CEM, PVIP, LEED AP Carlos Santos Ümit Cali Marcus Wiemann Olumide Fatoki, MSc Fatumata Soukouna Coker Stephenie Coker Rank EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Sebastian Kind Mauro G. Soares Dipo Faulkner

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