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"Access to reliable electricity is an indispensable investment for our future – the future of our children and that of our continent. We cannot and should not fail them."

-ReEnergy Africa

There has never been a better time than now to recognise Africa as a border less entity when it comes to energy access gaps. This is because what affects one, affects all.  

Africa needs energy access interventions and it will take all of us – youths, professionals, the private sector, the government, the international community, to contribute towards creating a better future.

ReEnergy Africa is offering potential sponsors, donors and all stakeholders, the opportunity to be a part of this movement, something bigger than just one person – closing energy access gaps, one community at a time.

We urge you to donate to the Genesis1000 Energy Impact – a non-for-profit CSR Initiative (powered by ReEnergy Africa LLC and Renewables 100 Policy Institute) which is geared towards Energy, Education, Environment and Empowerment of women and improved livelihoods of sub-Saharan African communities through reliable and affordable clean energy technologies to power their homes, businesses, create jobs and boost green economic opportunities.


To accelerate electricity access in Africa. One community at a time.


Our aim is to Foster a long term strategic partnerships with local communities, government and in-country developers, fund providers, SDG advocacy groups that will drive and facilitate the process of accelerating and achieving sustainable energy access (Affordable and Clean Energy) in the host country through Genesis1000 Energy Impact Initiative a non-for-profit Solar Hybrid Mini-grid CSR Infrastructure Projects in the host countries. One community at a time.


  • To provide access to electricity for millions of resides in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Lifting thousands of people from minimum standard of living through job creation, providing better quality of life, education, good health and socio-economic activities.


ReEnergy Africa would like to support Rural Community's of the host country's and develop a sustainable SOLAR  

HYBRID MINI-GRIDS Infrastructure Projects to establish min. 1,000 to 6,000 connection that is reliable, affordable, accessible and provide energy access for at least 5000 to 30000 of resides in the host country, creating an average of 1,000 Jobs and leading to tons of Co2 emission savings.  

Impact Returns

  • Social return
  • Environmental return
  • Humanitarian return

Contribute to the SDGs

  • Achieving the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 is crucial for a healthy and prosperous Africa.

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We want to continue to give you the opportunity to become part of ReEnergy Africa Community Impact through Genesis1000 Energy Impact CSR Initiative.

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