The Making and Evolution of an Electricity Market

Originally written by: Ivie Ehanmo (Electricity Lawyer | Legal, Policy and Regulatory Transformation Expert | Energy Law Expert)

The Nigerian Electricity Bill, 2021 Unpacked- Parts 1-9

The nine (9) part series of the Policy Brief explored the salient provisions of the Electricity Bill, in a bid to educate readers regarding the process, evolution and dynamics of electricity markets.

The parts explored include:

Part 1: State Participation in Electricity Value Chain activities in areas covered by the National Grid and Review of National Electricity Policies and Plans

Part 2: Revamped Institutional Framework for the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry

Part 3: Market Stages- Phased development of the Electricity Market

Part 4: Expanded Licensing Framework

Part 5: Renewable Energy to the Rescue

Part 6: Private Sector Investment in the Transmission Network

Part 7: A Truly Independent System Operator

Part 8: Industry Bundle- Tariffs, Subsidies, Distribution Franchising and Electricity Theft

Part 9: Resolving Disputes in the Power Sector- the ‘New Kid on the Block’

All parts have now been compiled and are available for your reading pleasure.

If you read all 9 parts, kindly share which part(s) was your favourite in the comment section.

I will be unveiling the countdown to an initiative that is set to contribute immensely to investments in electricity markets/power sectors across Sub-Saharan Africa shortly.

Please be on the lookout.

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