About Us

ReEnergy Africa has been conceptualized (By Lex360 Advisory Limited) to be a unique annual intellectual forum and exhibition whose seminal aim is to aggregate a diverse group of energy professionals and stakeholders for the purpose of taking stock of progress, and assessing current milestones towards the implementation of the UN SDG Goal7 (Affordable & Clean Energy), with the ultimate goal of ensuring focused and steady march towards the achievement of access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern clean energy solutions for Africa.

We strive to collaborate with private and public sectors, non-governmental organizations, individuals and multinational corporations for the purposes of accelerating and assessing the current milestones related to the implementation of the United Nations SDGs7 in Africa.

Our mission focuses on working with all stakeholders to enable the acceleration of affordable, sustainable and reliable clean energy solutions in Africa.

Our Values

Clear Vision

Accelerating sustainable energy in Africa which is at the heart of solving many of the world’s toughest challenges, and is the key to tapping the full potential of energy as a contributor to future growth and prosperity.

Compelling Stories

Sharing successful case studies from across the globe to demonstrate that the global transition to renewables can happen.


Building a worldwide professionals of players from governments, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, industry, science and academia.


ReEnergy understands the importance of communication. To leverage access and increase knowledge capacity, we work with government and independent agencies to provide quality insights to shape the energy discussion and encourage informed decision-making.


Making renewable energy relevant to all stakeholders, by developing an understanding of relevant concerns in these sectors.

Our Five Pillars


Advocating with policy makers, leaders in various government agencies and lobby for meaningful policies that will serve as catalyst for growth.


Technical knowledge; partnership with experts in the industry and use this as a tool to provide solutions,


Collation of data of information and annex them to enhance our set goals,


A workable framework to help connect with institutions who can be our partners and provide funds to accelerate our mission.

Capacity Development

A workable framework to help connect with institutions who can be our partners and provide funds to accelerate our mission.